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  • 50 Year Fire Protection Heritage

    VSC Fire & Security, Inc. has more than 50 years experience installing, inspecting and servicing fire protection and life safety systems in small and large facilities of all types. Our clients include hotels and resorts, restaurants, multi-family housing, education facilities, medical facilities, historic sites, secure data centers, military complexes, warehouses, industrial sites and more. The Charleston, SC regional office of VSC Fire & Security, Inc. is one of 14 offices in the mid-Atlantic and southeast regions of the U.S.

  • Fire Sprinkler & Fire Alarm Services

    At VSC Fire & Security, Inc. our fire protection professionals deliver fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspection, repair and service for numerous manufacturers of and types of fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. For some clients we service and inspect state-of-the-art, highly sophisticated fire alarm panels. But, for other clients, we service and inspect fire pumps and fire sprinkler systems which are twenty years old or more. We will ensure that your fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems are properly maintained, inspected and repaired.

  • NICET Certified & Trained

    The professionals at VSC Fire & Security, Inc. deliver fire protection and inspection services as required by and in accordance with regulations of the South Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal Servicing Rules and Regulations and the National Fire Protection Association standards. Specializing in fire sprinkler inspection and fire alarm inspection, our team of professionals are National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certified and trained.

Comprehensive Fire Sprinkler Inspections

VSC Fire & Security, Inc. provides consistent, one-stop service for your fire sprinkler inspection, fire alarm inspection, service and repair. Customers rely on VSC Fire & Security, Inc. for cost-effective fire sprinkler and fire alarm inspection, service and maintenance.

If you are looking to simplify and streamline the process for your fire sprinkler and fire alarm inspections, VSC Fire & Security, Inc. is the ideal contractor for your business. Our customers save both manpower and money by combining their fire sprinkler and firm alarm and extinguisher inspection contracts with VSC Fire & Security, Inc. With VSC Fire & Security, Inc. serving as your primary fire protection contractor, you will benefit from the convenience of one management contact, one phone number for emergency repair and one single, monthly invoice.

Our fire sprinkler and fire alarm professionals help our customers manage preventive maintenance needs and help them adhere to required inspection schedules. We help our client avoid life safety and fire protection fire code violations and emergency re-inspection orders. You can count on VSC Fire & Security, Inc. to communicate reminders for upcoming deadlines.

Professional Services and Repairs

VSC Fire & Security, Inc. also provides professional fire extinguisher inspection and 24/7 emergency repair. Our fire protection professionals inspect, recharge, and service numerous manufacturer brands of fire extinguishers including portable, fixed and carbon dioxide systems. We also provide on-site re-charging and we conduct hydrostatic testing as required. Our recordkeeping and coordination of your inspections and certifications helps ensure compliance.

A fire extinguisher inspection generally includes the following:

  • Evaluate if the size, number, and type of fire extinguishers to determine compliance
  • Assess the site, height, visibility and accessibility each unit
  • Verify the proper charge and pressurization for each unit
  • Determine if the extinguishing agent volume is set at the required intervals
  • Inspect all extinguisher units for rust, erosion, wear and rust to include examination of the shell, O-rings, horn, valve, hoses, handles, the canister and nozzles
  • Attach an updated tamper seal at the locking pin and update or attach the required service tag (if units are compliant)

When further service or repairs for your fire extinguishers is required, VSC Fire & Security, Inc. provides a complete written estimate for any additional service, repair, testing, replacement or re-charging. VSC Fire & Security, Inc. is one of the only fire protection companies offering customers in South Carolina's low-country and nearby vicinities convenient on-site fire extinguisher recharging services.

Fire Protection Services and Life Safety Equipment

Our fire protection professionals provide fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspection, service and repair for numerous brands and types of fire protection systems. For example, we inspect and repair state-of-the-art, highly sophisticated fire alarm panels. But we are also experienced with fire sprinkler systems which are often decades old. Our experience with numerous brands, models, and manufacturers of fire protection and life safety equipment will help ensure that your fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems are properly inspected, maintained and serviced.

SC Fire Protection Specialists

A privately-owned corporation, VSC Fire & Security, Inc. provides security, fire protection and life safety design, installation, repair and maintenance. VSC Fire & Security, Inc.'s lowcountry office serves clients with a professional team of fire protection specialists and inspection professionals who have instantaneous access to the information base and vast capabilities and resources of our 15 offices. Founded in 1958, VSC Fire & Security, Inc. has annual sales exceeding $130 million and services clients with an expansive roster of more than 900 installation professionals, managers and trained inspectors. The company has a fleet of about 500 trucks and vans. For more information about VSC Fire & Security, Inc., see our corporate website, corporate brochure and line card.

24-Hour Emergency Service & Repair

If you have an emergency with the performance of your fire sprinklers, fire alarm or fire extinguishers, contact our 24-Hour Emergency Service Hotline.
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